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Ladies, let the overnight adventures begin! Built specifically for women who want big-time comfort and ease in the outdoors, the award-winning Trailogic PK 50 has a zipperless design for quick access to gear—and quickly converts from 50L to 35L thanks to a removable front pocket. With a roll-top sleeping bag closure for stability and pull-out raincover to keep you dry, this trail traveler is loaded with super smart features.

Kelty Women's PK 50 Pack Instructions

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Packbag Features:
  • Top loading
  • Roll-top opening
  • Roll-closure sleeping bag compartment
  • Front clothing compartment
  • Removable front pocket
  • Top pocket
  • Converts from 50L to 35L
  • Compression wings
  • Wing pockets
  • Stretch mesh belt pockets
  • Stretch mesh water-bottle pockets
  • Stretch mesh front pocket
  • Ice-axe loop
  • Key fob
  • Integrated pull-out raincover
  • Hydration compatible
Suspension Features:
  • Women's specific suspension
  • Ventilating back-panel
  • Lumbar support
  • AirMesh shoulder straps, waistbelt, and lumbar
  • Load-lifter/stabilizer straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Belt stabilizers
  • Scherer Cinch (US Pat#55,465,886)
  • Load stabilizer straps
  • Single LightBeam aluminum stay
  • HDPE frame sheet


  • Length: 24 in. / 61 cm
  • Width: 12 in. / 30 cm
  • Depth: 10 in. / 25 cm
  • Volume: 2930 in3 / 48L
  • Suspension: Fixed
  • Weight:  3 lbs / 1 kg
  • Torso Fit Range:  14.5 - 18.5 in. / 37 - 47 cm
  • Hipbelt Fit Range: 30 - 48 in. / 76 - 121 cm


Body Fabric:
100D Robic Dobby

Reinforcement Fabric:
200D Nylon
Backcountry Edge:
Bob Wards:
Kittery Trading Post:
Mountain Sports:
Gender: Women's Specific
Intended Use: Multi-day Backpacking
Volume: 30L - 50L
Adjustable Torso: No
Austin Kayak:
    • Kelty TraiLogic: PK 50 Backpack

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    1. Innovative, intuitive design!

      This pack is not your normal pack. It's obvious that it was designed by folks who actually go backpacking as it's super function and very intuitive while at the same time being completely different that a typical pack. I also think it's a great size--small enough so that it encourages packing conservatively, yet able to still pack a lot of stuff (like a six-pack of beer if you're in the mood). A suggestion would be to make the waist belt pockets even larger as I am not able to fit my phone which would be most convenient. Additionally, it would be nice if Kelty made the women's pack in multiple sizes; I actually order the men's version because it is offered in two back lengths so I was able to get a more precise fit. Overall great pack though--I'm stoked to keep using! on Oct 2nd 2016

    2. Customer Review

      I used this pack on a week long trip to Bogota, Colombia (December 2015). I didn't use the pack on any long hikes (yet) so I cannot speak to how well the pack carries. While I didn't overload the pack, I did make full use of the main compartment and detachable front section. I'm glad to announce that I had no problem fitting the pack in the overhead compartment. I was ready to detach the front section if need be, but I didn't have to do so. The reason for docking the rating by one star is the lack of built-in loops on the front and the small pockets on the waist belt. I will be using this pack later in 2016 for my 4-day rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Cayon so built in attachment points would be nice so I can hang items I need to access quickly. Though I can certainly just attach those items to the cross straps on the back or the webbing on the shoulder straps. The detachable front section is definitely a nice feature. I can see that coming in handy after setting up camp and wanting to use the main pack as a day bag, without needing the extra space. on Dec 31st 2015

    3. Customer Review

      My first day hike outing with this pack was AMAZING!! I had my fishing pole tucked neatly into the side flap, and went fishing all afternoon. Wonderful! while we were bush-whacking and boulder hopping our way back to the vehicle, I was absolutely astonished with the comfort. The way the waist belt worked to support the whole pack was amazing!! It felt like I didn't have anything on! No tug on my shoulders like with my old pack. The whole pack seemed to be a part of me as we did all this crazy traversing on steep grassy cliffs( places you'd think only mountain goats should go!). however this was only a day hike, so my pack was kind of light, but I was crazy in love with it the whole time! My only complaint was the metal bar in the middle. I really didn't notice it at all when I was hiking, but when I woke up the next morning, It felt like the bar was rubbing on my spine just a little bit. That aside, I would give this pack a ten out of ten, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to have an awesome go-to pack for single-day and multi-day treks. on Jul 15th 2014

    4. Customer Review

      Absolutely LOVE this pack! My intuition guided me to this Kelty pack and it is a DREAM! I've day hiked for 3 years, working up the courage to backpack! So glad I researched this pack which wasn't offered local stores near me! I might not have started backpacking without it! When I started trying on packs I thought, "this is terrible, I'm never going to find a pack that feels good!" Hip belts were stiff and hurt, metal poked my back, shoulder straps cut in (nothing worse than having a man fit a pack for you that doesn't understand straps cutting into the breasts)...I hated having something behind my head that put my head at an unnatural angle! I was really discouraged. This pack is truly made for a woman! The hip belt is so comfortable, the weight sits exactly where it should! I have low back issues, but not with this pack! I've never had issues with any straps digging or rubbing. I've never felt the metal stay either, it's never poked my back once! This pack is actually MORE comfortable than my day pack! I live in Georgia and it is not only excessively hot to hike, but unbearably humid. The ventilation of this pack is amazing! My back never got sweaty. I hiked 14 miles in one day with it on, 5 miles fully loaded, then 9 with about 19 pounds in 90 degree heat, rain and covered with a poncho increasing humidity. It's unheard of to have a dry back in these conditions! The modular design was wonderful! I did carefully plan in advance about how I was going to use it with my other gear since I'm not using all components of the Kelty Trail Logic System. I used a 14x10x3 packing cube to store my tent and footprint in the tent pocket and stored the poles in the inside side flap pocket. I balanced the pole weight by carrying my electrolyte drink on the opposite side stretch pocket. My sleeping pad, pillow and compressed sleeping bag easily fit in the bottom compartment. Set up at camp was as easy as was shown in the video, with the tent and sleeping gear easy to access. I've actually unloaded the 15L clothing compartment too, as designed, to lighten my pack for day hiking from camp! It's a brilliant set up! Reviews said there were lots of pockets and easy access but I wasn't convinced until I used this! My favorite pockets turned out to be the inside flap pockets. You can very easily slide items in and out and use the velcro closures for securing items. I loved that I could use the side mesh pockets and reach them with without kinking my arms! I haven't once had to ask someone to hand me something from my bag! I had everything I needed without needing to access the main compartments of the pack! I love the roll tops for compression and ease! Everything stays packed and compressed! There is that panic moment on the trail when someone announces to you your zipper is open…..and you wonder if you lost your phone or other items….. With the roll closures, and pocket placement, I've never had to even unclip on the trail, I've been able to organize needed items in the side stretch and panel pockets! ;-) I used the 15 liter snap off compartment as a bolster under my knees to sleep which made sleeping so comfy! It was a brilliant yoga/trail revelation! I'd also seen a few reviews where people didn't think the water compartment was deep enough. I wasn't sure either until I filled my THREE liter Platypus with water and was fully packed! It all fits perfectly. Once set up at camp, I've used the empty tent pouch to fill extra water storage bags. Depending my available water sources, this is an amazing second use for the compartment when day hiking! We need lots of water in Georgia! I did attach one extra thing that made it perfect for me! On the women's version of this pack I found the hip belt pockets small. I used a carabiner to attach a small zip bag to hold my phone and lip balm for easy access. It's been such an enjoyable and effortless experience backpacking with this pack! All there is for me to do is be present to my beautiful surroundings on the trail and the wonderful people with me! I highly recommend this pack! This pack doesn't follow traditional pack design so I'm glad I had a intuitive sense to explore this option! Since it doesn't follow traditional backpacking design, if you can think in terms of how it is designed, the compartment layout and functionality, the design is actually BRILLIANT and so easy to pack and use on the trail! You'll LOVE it! on Jun 26th 2014

    5. Customer Review

      During the summer I spend as much time playing outdoors as possible. I like having a pack I can use for my two favorite activities: climbing and hiking. The PK 50 is designed specifically for backpacking but I have happily found that it works quite well for a day of rock climbing as well. The PK 50 packs up quickly and carries a heavy load with ease. It distributes weight well across the waistband and I like the easy top-loading access. On a recent day of climbing, I decided to go without the extra 15 L pocket to save some weight. I really like that I can ditch the 15Ls if I don’t need it! For backpacking, I like that I can access the bottom of the bag without pulling everything out. The numerous pockets and sleeves make organization a breeze. The roll closures (this bag doesn’t have one zipper) make compressing your gear a snap and help make sure things stay watertight. However, if you are caught in a downpour, Kelty includes a rainfly you can pull out and cover the pack with. All in and all, I’ve found this to be a thoughtfully designed pack that carries the weight well and helps me to enjoy my time outdoors – after all, that’s what it is all about, right? on Jun 9th 2014

    6. Customer Review

      I love the idea of this pack! However, I do not understand why a female specific pack starts at waist size 30. on Mar 21st 2014

    7. Customer Review

      The amount of storage in the pack is amazing, tons of pockets in all the right places. I found my new go-to pack! on Mar 11th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      Lots of pockets lots of storage. I like the built in rain cover, though I had it out in some rain without it and the fabric is pretty water resistant to begin with, the rain cover just makes it better. Pretty comfortable for a smaller pack. I packed this thing to the max with camera gear and computers and got it to fit in overhead storage on plane. If it isn’t packed to heavy you can fit it in front of your feet on a plane which is nice for travel. The roll dry bag closures are secure and its cool they compress your gear, but a little fussy to roll up every time I would maybe like one zipper, but it is a solid midsize backpack. on Mar 11th 2014

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