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If simple campsite set-up and take down is what you’re after, then check out the Sonic 8. Designed for larger groups and big families, the Sonic 8 is a cavernous, single-wall shelter designed for speed, convenience, and comfort. Built around our AirPitch™ platform, the Sonic 8 sets up in minutes with the help of a dual-action pump and takes down in seconds with the pull of a plug, giving you more time to relax around camp and enjoy the great outdoors.

Kelty Sonic 8 Pitching Instructions

Kelty Tent User Manual


Tent Features:
  • Taped floor seams
  • Noiseless zipper pulls
  • Easily accessible AirPole access
  • Double action pump included
  • Taped seams
  • High and low fly vents
  • Noiseless zipper pulls
  • Guyout points


  • Seasons: 3
  • Number of doors: 1
  • Number of vestibules: N/A
  • Capacity: 8
  • Number of poles: 2 Air Tubes


  • Packaged weight: 22 lbs / 9.97 kg
  • Floor area: 136 ft2 / 12.63 m2
  • Vestibule area: N/A
  • Length: 212 in / 538 cm
  • Width: 106 in / 269 cm
  • Height: 76 in / 193 cm
  • Packed diameter: 12 in / 30 cm
  • Packed Length: 30 in / 76 cm


Pole type:

Wall material:
68D Polyester, 1800 mm

Floor material:
68D Polyester, 1800 mm

Fly material:
N/A (Single Wall Construction)
Backcountry Edge:
Bob Wards:
Dick's Sporting Goods:
Sleeping Capacity: 8 Person
Intended Use: Family Camping
Number of Doors: 1 Door
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    Sonic 8 In Action

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    1. Solid tent

      overall a well built product. no issues there. it sets up very quickly and easily for an 8 man and disassembles almost as quickly. could use some more windows. the accessory pump is well constructed and the air pole "inputs" are pretty standard size in case you break or lose the included pump one day.

      overall a great tent. it's very big. as big as some 10 men i've seen. could use some additional appointments like additional windows and built in zip bag on the walls for your sleeping necessities (watch, phone, keys, etc). for the price, it's solid!
      on Jun 19th 2016

    2. Customer Review

      If the weather is good and you need space, this is the tent for you. I call it the barn. A few drawbacks easily overcome: if camping in direct sunlight, keep the screens open during peak sun and stake out all lines. A small battery-powered fan would help. Get a couple of cheap tarps for underneath, especially if camping on damp ground. Some bungee cords or lines strung up inside would give you the opportunity to make some private space. If it looks like rain, best to string up a tarp over it. For best use, as noted in the instructions, stake out first and pull pretty hard in the process to make sure the floor is fully taught. That will solve most sagging problems noted in other review. We left this up during a hurricane and it did well, even staked in sand. The only water came in at the pressure points where the pole bottoms rest on the tent floor. Otherwise, dry. A Kelty-specific footprint for this tent would be nice, but any of this tent's shortcomings are easily overcome, especially if you have camped a few times and have some extra supplies on hand. My only long-term concern is what happens when/if the polls leak or pop. on Nov 27th 2015

    3. Customer Review

      I was looking to purchase this tent then I see that the floor material is the same as the tent top, which isn't good. Kelty, you need to add a tub floor with a durable material. Also, email contact would be great, phone only is not enough. Thank you. on Jul 23rd 2015

    4. Customer Review

      My wife and I purchased it and we would not purchase it again. It is nice and convenient, however, we are weary of how it will do in the rain. Also, we do not like how the bottom of the tent is not a tarp - like fabric. Another negative is that there aren't very many windows so you can't get a decent breeze to go through it. It is HUGE so we love that! We don't like how it doesn't ever pull tight enough on the ends! Do matter how hard you pull back the support cords, the ends on the inside droop. You loose space because of that. We don't like how there isn't anything to roll up the windows up into. Normally you get some kind of fastener to roll the window up into that holds it, this tent does not so the open window dangles in the way. on Jun 25th 2014

    5. Customer Review

      I think the ease of set up is the best feature of this tent. I was very disappointed in the lack of venting in this tent. It was only mid 70's this past weekend and the tent was very stuffy and a good 10 degrees warmer than the outside air. Even with all the "vents" staked and teh one window and door screen open we had no air circulation. I am not looking forward to summer camping in this oven but not being able to return product due to return policy we are stuck atleast for this camping season. Also, this tent does not offer any added storage/mesh pockets for small items like glasses, keys or flash lights. And there is no room dividers to offer privacy of any kind so make sure you are on friendly terms with all your fellow tent mates! LOL on May 27th 2014

    6. Customer Review

      Just took this out with a group of friends for three days of camping. Really happy with it. Inflation took just over a minute. The tent is a big so it does help to have an an extra person or two to help pitch it, which if there is any knock it would that (but it's an 8-person tent, so of course it's going to be alot to work with...). We had up 20-30 mph winds one day during the weekend and we had no stability issues at all. It was rock solid through high winds. Take down was very fast too. It takes longer for me to take down my 3-person backpacking tent than to take this down. Overall, really happy with it. It's terrific for big group. Highly recommend. on Apr 27th 2014

    7. Customer Review

      I bought this tent to take my family of 6 camping in Oklahoma. While there the temps dipped into the 20's unexpectedly so I wanted to cover the roof with a tarp we had to keep in the warm air from our tiny space heater. The air poles weren't strong enough to support any weight on top of the tent. This also lead me to realize that if we had a branch fall from above we wouldn't have any protection either. Overall just not happy with the stability and rigidity of this tent. on Jan 17th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      Our family of 7 recently acquired this mobile mansion for weekend summer camping. I found pitching it with the provided air pump to be quite easy. It was a little windy on the day we were pitching camp, which added a little bit of a challenge, but this is not the fault of the tent. The floor of the tent is quite thin, which keeps it lightweight. Since this tent is way too large for backpacking, I'd say that the weight savings was not necessary. I would have given the tent a full five stars had the floor been thicker or if the Footprint come with the tent. We attempted to use a huge tarp, which turned out to not quite cover the entire bottom of the tent. I'd definitely buy again and recommend to others. on Jul 7th 2013

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