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Some pads are made smarter than others. The PDsi is part of the TrailLogic™ Collection and designed to help you get more comfortable naturally. With an innovative bio-mummy shape for extra lightness and bio-mapped insulation that follows the human form to boost warmth, this pad is miles ahead of the rest. It’s also free of PVCs and comes with a convenient carry cube stuff sack. Every camper could use more under-the-bag intelligence.


  • Bio-mummy shape reduces weight and carry size
  • Bio-mapped die cut foam pattern increases comfort & warmth while reducing weight and bulk
  • Compact carry size
  • Self-inflating via single valve
  • Repair kit included
  • Pad cube stuff sack included
  • PVC-Free
  • Kelty One-Year Limited Warranty


  • R Value: 3.6
  • Size: Regular
  • Shape: Bio-mummy
  • Length: 72 in / 183 cm
  • Width: 20 in / 51 cm
  • Thickness: 1 in / 2.5 cm
  • Packed Depth: 5 in / 12.5 cm
  • Packed Width: 8 in / 20.5 cm
  • Packed Height: 10 in / 25.5 cm
  • Weight: 23.5 oz / 666g


50D Micro Rip-Stop Polyester laminated to TPU

Polyurethane foam
Backcountry Edge:
Bob Wards:
Mountain Sports:
Gender: Unisex
Intended Use: Backpacking/Camping
Austin Kayak:

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    1. Lightweight and Comfy

      I bought two of these for my wife and I. They fold up (or roll up) to very compact and non-cumbersome size for a pack. When you unfold it, it starts to fill up itself with air. You can also blow the air in yourself and you don't feel like you are going to pass out. Getting the air out is really simple as well. It keeps you warm and comfy. on Jun 12th 2016

    2. Compact, lightweight, green!

      One big breath will top it off after its been sitting. The shape is awesome and fits perfect under my Tuck EX. The best comfort for weight/size I've ever had. on May 14th 2016

    3. Customer Review

      Echoing what others have said. Surprisingly comfy for the size, but the size could be larger. But, then it would be heavier! Sacrifices! Just go with it, you won't be sorry. I'm a side-sleeper, and only had minimal numbness (much better than usual) with this Kelty PDSI. on Sep 11th 2015

    4. Customer Review

      This pad was surprisingly comfortable. Took this on a 5 day trip where I brought a queen size air mattress as my backup incase this didn't pan out. I'm pleased to say that I never had to bring the air mattress out. The pad self inflated to the point that i only need to to put in maybe 3-4 breathes to get it completely firm. In the five days i slept on it, I never had to re-inflate it and it never lost any air. Because it's only a 1" pad, i was initially worried about sleeping on my side because i figured my hip bone would be digging into the ground. Amazing, no point of my body was touching the ground even weighing 200lbs at 5'7". Great product, definitely recommend it to others. Only downside: There doesn't seem to be an easy way to attach it to sleeping bags. I used this with my Cosmic 20 bag which comes with outer loops to attach to sleeping pads and assumed that they would be compatible considering that they are both Kelty products, but such was not the case. Perhaps an oversight by Kelty, or maybe i'm looking at it in the wrong way? Anyways, this is just a minor thing, but I will take a star off because of it; Only because it is a strategically compact pad so not being secured to the bag leaves the possibility of slipping off the comfort of the pad in the middle of night. on May 31st 2015

    5. Customer Review

      I have owned several different pads from various manufactures of varying thickness and insulation type. I purchased this with the Trailogic SB35. I loved the bag. The pad is comfortable for a 1" pad. It did help keep me warm in 30F temperatures. For the price, I would stick with the Therm-a-rest Trail Lite. However, I do like this pad and I bought the latest and greatest from Kelty. on Jan 31st 2014