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Coyote 80

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Tried and true, the Coyote 80 is a fully-featured load hauler ideal for extended trips into the backcountry. PerfectFIT™ suspension offers one-size-fits-all versatility and comfort with an on-body adjustment system. Dual LightBeam™ aluminum stays give this pack outstanding support for heavy loads. Restyled for 2016, the Coyote now offers a sleeping bag compartment to keep your gear organized and make packing a breeze. Plus, the top lid converts into a sling pack.


  • Top Loading
  • Top Lid converts to Sling Pack
  • Front Panel Access
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Large front pocket with organization
  • Stretch front shove-it pouch
  • Side compression straps
  • 2 Hide-away Ice Axe loops
  • Dual Pick-up handles
  • Hydration compatible
  • PerfectFIT™ adjustable suspension
  • HDPE frame sheet
  • HDPE reinforced waistbelt
  • Ventilating Spacer mesh Backpanel
  • Lumbar Support
  • Spacer mesh shoulder straps, waistbelt, and lumbar
  • Load-lifter straps
  • Belt stabilizer straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Dual Lightbeam Aluminum Stays


  • Volume: 4900 in3 / 80 L
  • Frame Type:  Internal
  • Weight:  5 lbs 5 oz / 2.4 kg
  • Torso Fit Range:  15.5 - 21 in / 39 - 53 cm
  • Dimensions: 34 x 17 x 14 in / 86 x 43 x 36 cm


Body Fabric: 
Poly 420D Small Back Stafford

Reinforcement Fabric: 
Poly 75x150D Tasser Coal

Frame Material: 
Aluminum + HDPE
Gender: Unisex
Volume: 50L+
Features: PerfectFIT Suspension
Mountain Sports:
Backcountry Edge:
Gander Mountain:
    • Kelty PerfectFIT Suspension System
    • Kelty Coyote 65 and 80

    Coyote 80 In Action

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    1. 2015 Redcloud 90 versus 2011 Coyote, 2nd comment

      After some use now, not impressed with this pack and here are the reasons why.
      1. The straps on the newer Redcloud are binding up already, becoming increasingly difficult to loosen under load after only 3 week long trips.
      2. The carry loops on the the Redcloud are offset, the center lift loop on the older version is the easiest way to lift the load.
      3. The waist band straps, all of the straps, on the older version are still easy to tighten/loosen. The straps on the newer pack are already binding up, especially the shoulder straps..
      4. The topmost pocket zippers snag constantly on the material on the newer pack.
      5. The back, exposed, half pocket on the 2015 Redcloud is almost useless. Anything could fall out at any moment or get drenched. The only use I've found for this pocket so far is to fold up used freeze dried food packages and place them in it.
      6. The material of the 2011 pack is way better, more durable, than the 2015 Redcloud/Coyote.
      7. No daisy chains or loops on the newer pack make it harder to attach gear on the outside.

      This is more a message to Kelty as to anyone else. You had a great pack with the older version. Should have stayed with it.
      The newer version is a downgrade. Really disappointed.
      I've already bought one 2011 Coyote on ebay to replace my original.
      The 2015 90 liter Redcloud will not be my go to pack. It will sit in the closet unless that additional 12 liters becomes an absolute necessity.
      on Feb 23rd 2017

    2. 6 Month Review

      Bought the Coyote 80 in April of this year in preparation for a 6-day backpacking trip. At the time my camping arrangement was an ENO hammock, A North Face Homestead Twin bag, A Klymit Static Luxe and a 12ft tarp. The Coyote provided enough room for all of this and a Camelbak 3L bladder as well as enough additional space outside of the pack for additional accessories. The pack fits well and distributes the weight evenly when the Perfect Fit suspension system is properly set up. During the summer I switched to an Osprey Stratos 36 since I didn't need to haul my hefty North Face bag, but with fall and winter upon us, I have started using the Coyote again. It is perfect for my needs as a larger gentleman, fits my frame very well and is durable enough to allow me to haul upwards of 50 lbs. on Oct 25th 2016

    3. Initial Impression

      Just used my Coyote 80 for the first time. Up until now I’ve used hand-me-down packs; mostly my Dad’s from the 80s and my sister’s from college around 10 years ago. Using this bag was definitely a welcome to the 21st century of backpacking moment.
      At first it just felt like I was using an unfamiliar bag; I couldn’t decide where to pack things and my shoulders felt pretty uncomfortable for the first six miles or so. But as time and distance went on and I tinkered with the various adjustments and used various things and them put them away, almost without even putting much thought into these things, it gradually started to feel more comfortable and I started figure out the best place to pack things. By the end of my trip, the bag felt head-and-shoulders (haha so to speak) above any other bag I’ve ever used in terms of comfort.
      My favorite feature would have to be the Ventilating Spacer mesh Backpanel. This feature actually allows for some space on your back to stay uncovered, lowering the amount of heat that gets trapped against your back. For someone who runs warmer in general, I thought this was an awesome feature for a backpack.
      I also really liked the whole suspension scheme in general. It felt very supportive in the areas I needed it to be while still maintaining some give in others that allowed for a little more maneuverability and range of motion when needing to crouch, twist, lean etc.
      on Aug 2nd 2016

    4. New Redcloud 90 versus 2011 Coyote

      My old Coyote 4750 (2011) was deemed irrepairable by Kelty after 5 seasons of heavy use. They offered a replacement and I chose the slightly larger Redcloud 90 (2016 version). The fabric on the old pack was, and still is, buff, whereas the new Redcloud is certainly a lighter weight material. Seems like the newer has more petroleum synthetics whereas the original had more of a canvas type feel. The new suspension seems ok. it's important to watch the video and go thru the 4 steps as instructed. it's a pretty good fit if the straps are tightened in the order Kelty recommends. I tested it carrying about 47 lbs.
      I'm a little concerned about the shoulder straps and the stitching. Looks like it will fail in 5 years or less if the pack is carrying 47+ lbs.
      Overall, it feels a bit of a downgrade compared to my 2011 Coyote and I wouldn't strain this pack carrying 50+ lbs. over any length of time. 45, maybe.
      on Jun 7th 2016

    5. comfort and a place for everything

      Very comfortable for a big pack. Lots of pockets. Organizing my gear is very easy. There's a place for everything and I don't need to go digging through the pack to find what I need when on the trail. There are multiple ways to attach items to the pack and options for accessing the main compartment. Easy to adjust the suspension while wearing the pack. The ability to fine tune and adjust the fit while walking is a great feature, especially on the early days of a multi day trip when the load is heaviest. I expect this pack will last me a long time. on May 20th 2016

    6. Customer Review

      I had a Coyote 80 for years. Its the best load hauling pack I have come across. Like most others the only thing I felt missing was bottom sleeping bag access. I saw they added it (along with some other bells and whistles) so I sold my old one and ordered the new. The material is thinner than it used to be. Not sure what it was previously but the new material is a setp down. The shoulder straps are flimsy and the mesh on the underside does not look up to par. The sleeping bag access is there. But what have they done to the suspension???? This new "perfect fit" suspension is system is confusing and terrible. I don't know what they are thinking with it because I did not like it in the least. I am returning the bag. All around it seems they took away the ruggedness and ease of use that coyote 80 has always had and replaced it with some ice ax loops and other bells and whistles and just an awful suspension system. on Feb 10th 2016

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